Thank you all who donated to the Rose Parade fundraiser! This was the greatest fundraiser to date!

We were able to raise over $6,000 for youth missions and events in 2017!

You guys Rock!

rose-parade-logoRose Parade Seats

The youth at OSLC have a long tradition of reserving seats for members and friends along the parade route on Colorado Boulevard for the annual Rose Parade.  How do they accomplish this?  By doing what teenagers love:  staying up all night playing games and talking with their friends.  Our OSLC youth spend the chilly night on New Year’s Eve on Colorado Boulevard in fellowship with each other and some brave adult leaders as they stake out a prime location for viewing the parade allowing members and friends who make reservations in advance to arrive in the morning to enjoy the parade. 

The youth begin taking reservations in November. 

Suggested donation for seats is $25 for normal seating, and $50 for front row (they go fast!)