Vicar Brian Barlow – Blog

Welcome to my blog. Getting to know the heart of the leaders in your faith community is vital to the health of any church. God has created us to be in fellowship with each other. In the business of life, we don’t always have the opportunity to dialogue about important issues. Among these critical issues that fuels my blog is the topic of identity. In a tolerant coexist culture there is little room for absolutes. In Christ, we as believers find that the Lord of all creation has intentionally designed each person in His image to live in a relationship first with Him and then with others. Through scripture and the counsel of the Holy Spirit, we come to know the Crucified Christ who chose to give His life for every person so that we may have life and have it to the full. In this blog, I will endeavor to share the truth of God’s word on current issues, share personal testimonies of His power while sharing the love of Christ Jesus.